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Like many of you I am juggling a number of responsibilities right now. However, instead of juggling kids, curriculum, and cooking, I am transitioning into mother-in-law and grandma. Holding my screaming one-month-old granddaughter (who is absolutely adorable, btw) reminds me of how much YOU, beloved, probably have on YOUR plate. Are you bouncing babbies, chasing toddlers, training tweens, or nurturing teens? (Or all four?!) Add to that your responsibilities as a wife and teacher and who knows what else and you probably feel like you could join a three-ring circus.

I just want you to know that I think and pray for you – our customers and friends – on a regular basis. I remember the hard times of raising and teaching my sons. I want you to know, though – now that I am on the “other side” – that God does indeed sustain us. Every single minute, day, year – even the really difficult years – was well worth hanging in there for.

So pray, plan, prepare, and most of all – take time to ENJOY & BE THANKFUL for something each day. Even the hard ones. May God bless you as you follow His will and walk the journey He has laid before you.


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