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Twas the Blog Before Christmas

Helen and I have been wandering into present-buying mode. As newly-marrieds it’s a bit of a shock to our budget buying for two families. I’ve only got one brother (I know, and we called ourselves a homeschool family…), but she’s got five younger sisters. So, after some talking and brainstorming we came up with some budget saving ideas for Christmastime. I wanted to share with you 5 of our budget-savers.

1) Helen and her sisters drew names and are only expected to give a present to one sister. When you’re one of 6, that’s important.

2) Plus, they put a price cap on it. $20. That’s very doable for any family.

3) We had all the presents for out-of-town friends/relatives shipped to us if we knew we would see them before or around Christmas. It’s easy to have Amazon ship straight to five different addresses, but consolidating shipping can save you a lot – especially if a larger order going to one address can get you their super saver shipping special!

4) Helen, Kaylee and I don’t open gifts from each other until Epiphany (Jan 6th). After all, that’s when we celebrate the Wise Men’s generosity to the holy family, it makes sense to save some presents for then. Plus, we generally make good use of after-Christmas sales, or gift cards with expiration dates coming up.

5) My personal favorite tip: find a cause you’d like to support and buy your gifts from them. We did most of our shopping at, which helps the persecuted church in Asia. They offer some great stuff that was perfect for some of those on our gift list.

In any case, a little frugality goes a long way. My family tends to go overboard with Christmas presents, and while I never complain as the recipient, I know I need to be reminded to budget my Christmas spending, and then stick to that budget.

Hoping you have a very merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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