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Introducing Stacey Lane!

Hello! My name is Stacey Lane. I am a homeschooling mama of 4, our family has been homeschooling for 10 years! Our oldest son is finishing up his freshman year of high school, our princess is fluttering through 6 grade, our third child has learning needs and works hard in his subjects, and our youngest started Kindergarten this year. Here I am, thankful to the Lord that I have actually survived the year of school that I dreaded for a long time, all four in school and the first year of high school. Yippee!! My dream job would be stand up comic, but words aren’t my strong gift. I am more visual, so sadly you can’t see my waving hands or my facial expressions but maybe you can imagine them for me.

We have been using Illuminations for two years now. We were a beta group for year 1, and we are now finishing up year 2. I am the small fish in the BIP pond! I have written a few Illuminations Literature Study Guides, I do the lesson plans for the writing programs and English from the Roots Up and I design the Folderbooks for The Mystery of History.

My job for the next few months is to periodically blog about the helpful hints, tips, roadblocks, and solutions that I discover as my family journeys through Illuminations. So stay tuned! My hope is that the material I post here will be a helpful resource for your family’s homeschool!


  1. Maggie Hogan

    Welcome to the BIP blog Stacey – can’t wait for you to share your kids’ “funnies” with everyone! Your family is a hoot.


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