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A Week in the Life…

Chances are, I like you. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of our customers. Which means you make it possible for me to have a job. Thanks. 🙂 I like our customers to know me. (Or at least feel like they do.) So, instead of singing that “Getting to Know You” song from The King and I, I figured it’d be better if I told what I do at BIP on an regular week. Just so you know, there’s no such thing as an “average week” at the BIP office. Each day has so many quirks and oddities. After working here for almost two years though, I’m starting to notice some trends:


On Mondays I fill orders, answer emails, proofread, track inventory, fix the printer (at least hourly), run to the bank and post-office, make spreadsheets, talk with Melissa about one important thing and then two hilarious things, make maps, archive files, fix Mom’s computer, write reports and articles, make a warehouse run, call our distributors, tweak some advertisements, write checks, and talk to you (if you call). I love that I get to do a little of everything. It’s one of the best parts about this job – aside from the free lunch plan and babysitting.


Last year we started our new Intern Program a.k.a the “BIPIP.” Brian, our Internship Guinea Pig comes in every Tuesday and helps me work on video production, inventory, data entry, graphic design, or whatever else I tell him to do. He’s a lot of fun, and has helped us get some things done that have been sitting around just *waiting* for someone to tackle them. Unfortunately, we Hogans quickly develop an immunity to the cries of such tasks, and so non-crucial work gets schluffed aside. Brian is our De-Schluffer. You should thank him.


I’m not usually in the office on Wednesday. Helen and I run a youth discipleship program on Wednesday afternoons, so I go in on Saturdays instead. Although I hear that the office is a lovely and productive place while I’m gone. I’m never quite sure how to take that.


Nothing special ever happens on Thursday. Sorry. It’s just like Monday all over again.


Friday is “Girls Day.” As if there wasn’t enough estrogen in the air with Mom, Beth, and Stacey, the home and office are invaded weekly by 7 extra girls. Mostly 6th graders, they come to field test some of our upcoming programs, get homework done, and play with my baby. I teach a geography class after lunch, but otherwise I spend most of the day hiding. They’re all sweethearts, but boy are they loud!


Saturdays are special because it’s often just me and Dad working on things. I don’t get to see him too much during the week (what with his whole “I’ve got two full time jobs” thing going on), but weekends are our time to do manly projects, like accounting or inventory. Dad’s working style is so different from mom’s, it’s comical. Dad is the super-analytical type who taught me everything I know about spreadsheets and filing paperwork; and Mom is somewhat less … … … systematic. We often have our board meetings on Saturdays so Dad can be involved. Dad’s retiring from his “real job” at the end of this year, which we really look forward to.

Of course, plans like these are always fluid. I certainly didn’t plan to spend a few hours today trying to stop whoever was using Mom’s email account to send spam about “Finding your Russian Soulmate.” But hey, it keeps the job interesting. (If you got one of those emails, just forget about it. The person responsible has been sacked.) And Conference season throws the whole schedule into confusion.

So, now you know. Just remember, if you ever need me, don’t call on Wednesday.

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