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I read an online article on how to be a better blogger. One suggestion stated that you should know your readers and be consistent.  Well I believe we homeschool moms know the reality of consistency.  When I started blogging here at BIP my goal was one entry a week. Then my husband got pneumonia, one son broke out in hives, while the other son had an asthma attack only for the oldest son to report that he didn’t sleep last night due to the hot water heater leaking. Yes, this was all in one day!  I know my readers would understand it just takes time to recover from a day like that and still try to get a reading lesson in.

My goal will be on Wednesdays to post a new blog about homeschooling with Illuminations.

For example, here is a recent dialog heard at my house.

Oldest son: “I am the king”

Youngest son: “I am the pope and I fire you”

Oldest son: “Well I fire you!”

Youngest son: “Well I excommunicate you”

Overheard by mom who became convinced they understood the power struggle in the Middle Ages.

P.S. Since I was able to get my hands on some scratch and dent books I am going to plan some opportunities to give some books away, cause we all love FREE stuff!


This post is part of a series by Stacey Lane on her experiences with Illuminations. For the first post in this series, click here!

  1. Maggie Hogan

    This story totally cracks me up!!!


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