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Playing Dress-Up

My in-laws came over recently. They only live about two hours away, so we get to see them pretty regularly. This time, they came loaded with gold in their trunk. And by gold I mean a huge chest full of dress-up-clothes for little girls. As Helen sat in the family room unpacking it with her sisters it was so much fun to see her  eyes get so wide with joyous memories. Half the costumes in the trunk she had made at one time or another for her sisters and friends as they played fairy-tale games and filmed amateur movies in their backyard. Robin Hood, Lord of the Rings, Disney Princesses, and generic stock character costumes kept pouring out of this trunk.

My sisters-in-law laughed at me watching them unpack, assuming I wouldn’t be interested in such “girl stuff” – but I was. I can foresee hours and hours of creative play with my baby girl, playing pirates and castles and who-knows-what-she’ll-com-up-with.  And I’m extra glad I kept all my costumes too! Call me geeky, but I’ve got a wardrobe in the basement with all my costume pieces hanging up, ordered chronologically from ancient civ to futuristic. Right next to it is my extensive silly hat collection (including my light-up jester hat and my homemade Hermes Helmet).  And next to that is my sewing machine and serger (graciously given to us by a relative) and our fabric supplies. If you couldn’t tell that Helen and I were theatre majors in college, now you know.

I’m a big fan of creative play. I’ve loved make-believe games all my life – still do, really. And while I’m not into Cosplay, I still love doing silly creative projects with Helen, dressing up as Celtic folk heros and Greek gods for costume parties. And I’m so glad Kaylee gets to have these hand-me-down costumes from her mom and ‘Nana.  I cant wait to tell her to go play outside, or to film her and her friends doing skits in our backyard, or to play games with her and let her imagination take us places. It’s going to be beautiful.

Thanks, ‘Nana, for bringing the costumes. 🙂

  1. Robin Crane

    Our children range from 18 down to 3 and dress-up is a common occurrence in our home. From old Halloween costumes when our 18 y.o was 3 to current costumes they’ve made for their latest play, we have enjoyed the pleasure of dress-up! The old Tigger costume may just get handed on the next generation:)


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