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How to bake a cake

I had so much fun reading The Little House CookBook by Barbara Walker.  Having grown up reading the books and watching the TV series the cookbook was like a trip down memory lane.

My 13-year-old daughter has developed a real love for baking, so it was a perfect opportunity to do a history lesson around cooking. We choose to make Laura’s wedding cake.  Wow, what an eye opener it was to the past bakers in history!

Our first task was to cream butter and sugar together with a wooden spoon!

How to bake a cake

A few minutes of stirring left us longing for our kitchen mixer.  While we were working the butter and sugar together we were able to talk about what kinds of sweeteners were available to Ma and Laura, my daughter then wanted to look up when powdered sugar was created.

The next undertaking was separating 10 egg whites and whipping them with a fork until they were stiff.

How to Bake a Cake

The cookbook said this would take 10 minutes, it took us 20! We decided to take turns beating and wondered if Ma and Laura took turns too. Then there was sifting of flour and then the slow folding of all the ingredients.

How to bake a cake

I should note that for health concerns we didn’t make the icing recipe with egg whites, instead we made a traditional butter cream icing. We also knew that we could only decorate the cake with things found in nature. We chose mint leaves and raspberries.

How to Bake a Cake

We spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen making this cake. Not only were there history lessons to learn but also there was fun time spent together.

How to Bake a Cake

Later in the evening our whole family had fun eating the wedding cake, and let’s just say the boys are happy when they hear the oven timer go off.


The Family Study Guide for the Little House CookBook will be available in Illuminations Year 5 due out in early summer.

  1. Ika Devita Susanti

    Looks delicious. I put baking on my hobby list this year. It’s so much fun!


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