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How to Make and Use a Geography Prayer Notebook

How to Make and Use a Geography Prayer Notebook

Do you want your kids to be informed about current events? What about studying Christian heroes of the past? Do you wish your family had more time to pray for missionaries and persecuted Christians around the world? What if you could do all these things with your children while learning geography?

Your kids can grow in their knowledge of geographical locations while praying for the people, places and events that they are learning about. It is all possible with a geography prayer notebook.

Materials Needed

  • 3 ring-binder
  • 5 dividers (affiliate link) with pockets
  • WonderMaps or other printable maps (All of the maps pictured in the post come from WonderMaps.)
  • colored pencils, scissors, and a glue stick.

geography prayer notebook cover

Setting Up Your Geography Prayer Notebook

  • Create a cover for your notebook.
  • Label your five dividers with the following headings: Missionaries, Persecuted Christians, Nations, Current Events, and Heroes.
  • Print WonderMaps and store them in the pockets of your dividers until you are ready to use them.
  • Place completed map work behind the appropriate dividers.

geography prayer notebook blank WonderMaps

How to Use Your Geography Prayer Notebook

There are endless ways to use a geography prayer notebook. The best method is one that will spark an eagerness to prayer for others. Here are some suggestions for each category.

geography prayer notebook made with WonderMaps


Under the Missionaries tab, file information, maps, and prayer requests for missionaries that your family or church supports. You can also include larger ministries like Focus on the Family or Samaritan’s Purse. Take time to pray for these missionaries as you add them to your notebook and throughout the year.

Here are a few ideas:

  • On your outline maps, label cities and/or countries where each missionary lives.
  • Create a separate sheet of paper for each missionary. List prayer requests and include a map of where they are serving.
  • Include photos of the people the missionaries work with.

missionary page for a geography prayer notebook; made with WonderMaps

Persecuted Christians

Study individual people or groups of people who are facing persecution because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Print a map of the world and mark where persecution is taking place. Pray for these brothers and sisters in Christ as you add them to your map.

the persecuted church for a geography prayer notebook; made with WonderMaps


Use this section of your notebook for countries, tribes and people groups that you are learning about. Spend a few minutes praying for these people as you add the information to your notebook.

  • As you study a place in history, take time to learn about the people who live in that location today. Print a WonderMap for that area and include a brief prayer for the people who currently live there.
  • Pick a country (or people group) of interest and mark a map with major cities and landforms. Have your student add facts about the culture and religious beliefs of the country. Include information about the needs of the people and then go to God in prayer on behalf of those people.

A great resource to use is (affiliate link) Window on the WorldThis book provides information about different countries and people groups throughout the world and includes a helpful list of prayer requests for each one.

nation page for a geography prayer notebook; made with WonderMaps

Current Events

Discussing current events with our children can provide opportunities to share how our worldview shapes how we interpret events. It also gives us reason to thank God for His sovereignty and to pray for the people, places and events happening around us.

Older children may be ready for more serious topics in the news. However, you might want to pick more positive stories for younger children to follow.

Need some ideas to get you started?

  • Print an outline WonderMap of your state or country and have your child mark locations where people are helping others. Some examples include animal rescue centers, food banks, an individual that helped a neighbor or a group of people that are making a difference in people’s lives.
  • Follow the travels of the president, marking on a map the cities, states and/or countries he is visiting. Include the dates he was there and the reason for the visit. Each time you add a new location, take a moment to pray for the president.
  • Map natural disasters and pray for those affected.
  • Older students can read news articles, summarize the story, add appropriate locations on a map, and then pray for the people and places affected by the situation.

Teach your children to thank God for the positive stories you learn about and to pray for the people involved in the current events taking place throughout the world.

current events page for a geography prayer notebook; made with WonderMaps


The Heroes section of your geography prayer notebook is the place to learn about and praise God for the lives of Christian heroes of our past and present.

Nothing invigorates a prayer life like reading about faithful Christians throughout history. My family enjoys learning about Christian heroes through the book series (affiliate link) Christian Heroes Then and Now.

As you learn about Christian heroes both past and present, add them to your geography prayer notebook.

  • Mark on a WonderMap the location where a Christian hero was born, lived, served, and died.
  • Print off a map of each continent and color in the countries where each Christian hero that you are studying served or ministered in.
  • Have your child write a short report on their favorite Christian hero. Include map work of relevant places in that person’s life.

Praise God for His faithfulness in the lives of these great men and women. Ask Him to give you and your children a heart for serving others and sharing the gospel with those who don’t know Jesus.

heroes page for a geography prayer notebook; made with WonderMaps

A geography prayer notebook can stimulate interest in the people and places around the world and grow your children’s prayer life, all while developing better geography skills. Do you think your children would enjoy creating a geography prayer notebook?

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