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4 History Resources to Use With The Mystery of History

The Mystery of History is my favorite history curriculum. I love it because it can be used with all ages from K-12th grade. It is creation based and chronological, showing what is happening all over the world during different time periods. The Mystery of History is written in a conversational manner, and there are many history resources offered for hands on activities, and includes timeline and mapping activities. Everything you need to teach history can be found in each volume. But, there are many wonderful optional resources you can use to enhance your history lessons with The Mystery of History.

resources to use with the mystery of history

4 Resources to Use with The Mystery of History in your Homeschool

4 Volumes of The Mystery of History

History Resources to Use with The Mystery of History

WonderMaps from Bright Ideas Press makes mapping The Mystery of History lessons fun and easy. Completing the mapping assignments increases understanding of the lessons by showing your children where each lessons takes place. Maps and answer keys are included in each volume of MOH but it can be difficult and time consuming to print these out, especially if you do not have a copier or scanner. WonderMaps contains all of the maps and answer keys for all 4 volumes of MOH. Maps can be customized and printed out with a click of the mouse.

There are also downloadable coloring pages for each volume. Each of the coloring pages has beautifully drawn pictures to color in that go along with each of the lessons you will read that week. You can make as many copies as you need for your family. These coloring pages are great for children of all ages to color while you read the lessons aloud.

The notebooking pages are my favorite resource. They have been designed so you can print out pages with spaces for your child to fill in information they want to record, or you can print out Information Pages that have questions for your children to answer. You have the option to print pages with larger lines for younger writers, or you can choose a Fill-able pages option to have your children type their answers in on the computer. Answer keys are included for the pages that have questions on them.

Making a timeline is a great activity to give students a visual reminder of historical events. There are timeline activities to go with each lesson of MOH. The author gives suggestions for making your own timeline figures, but for some families it may be easier to buy timeline figures. We love that Bright Ideas Press sells History Through the Ages Timeline Figures by Amy Pak to go along with each volume of The Mystery of History.

In addition to the resources I listed above, you can also purchase folder books, challenge cards, audio books, and other resources to go with each volume. The Mystery of History curriculum can be completely customized to suit your family’s needs. I have learned so much about history by teaching this to my children.

Have you used The Mystery of History in your homeschool yet?

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