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Coming Soon! New Biology Edition

Coming Soon! New Biology Edition


Conversational, accessible lessons will have kids eagerly waiting to hear more about the wondrous world that surrounds them. Lessons focus on biological classification, plant life, bird structure, types of mammals in the wild, the human body, five senses, and more. One-year curriculum. Open a door of discovery to God’s creation!



New Biology Edition Coming Soon!

Conversational, accessible lessons will have kids eagerly waiting to hear more about the wondrous world that surrounds them. Lessons focus on biological classification, plant life, bird structure, types of mammals in the wild, the human body, five senses, and more. One-year curriculum.

Grades 3-6, though content may be scaled for younger students and for those looking for more work. Answer key provided. Extensive book and resource list with appropriate grade levels. Reproduction allowed within your family.

Discover God’s majesty—from a single molecule to an entire universe! Embark on a lifelong quest to know God through His creation with our award-winning series, Christian Kids Explore Science.

Worried that science just isn’t your strongest subject? We understand, and we designed this curriculum with you in mind! As the teacher, you’ll find our science curriculum both accessible and intriguing, regardless of your prior science background. Your students will learn to observe, question, and explore our world. Are you ready to plant a true thirst for discovery?

  • Engaging lessons
  • Gorgeous coloring pages
  • Hands-on activities
  • Memorization list
  • Review sheets
  • Creative-writing assignments
  • An awesome supplemental book list

“We really like the Christian Kids Explore Science books. They are easy, fun, and interesting. It is easy to adjust the lessons to whatever pace suits your needs. The material seems to be both biblically and scientifically accurate.” – Amanda, Co-op Member




Sample of Christian Kids Explore Biology

The Christian Kids Explore program seems simple, will it be enough for my older ones?

The material is there. It really depends on what you do with it. For instance, if all you do is have them read the teaching lesson and then later in the week complete a hands-on activity, they won’t retain as much as they would if you spend more time on it. For example, if you go over the teaching lesson, ask questions, have them complete the vocabulary and the daily reading sheets (which are intended to get them to focus and review the material), then follow through with the hands-on activity later that week and give a verbal review, it would be a meaty program for older students.

How do I use Christian Kids Explore with multiple ages?

This depends so much on what your family prefers. For younger students, you might read it out loud and discuss it, while little ones busy their hands with a coloring page, which we include in the books.
You can let older ones read for themselves, write out the vocabulary and complete a daily reading sheet, reviewing what they read. With the younger ones, you can read the information first (to yourself) and explain the topic while doing a hands-on activity.

We study according to the classical model. How does the Christian Kids Explore series fit in with that?

First of all, as recommended in The Well Trained Mind, Christian Kids Explore Biology is a full year of just biology. We also offer a full year of earth science in Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space. Biology and Earth & Space are best suited for grades 1-6, although they are adaptable. For 6th-8th graders we offer Christian Kids Explore Chemistry and Christian Kids Explore Physics. These two books were written by college professors and creation scientists Robert and Elizabeth Ridlon. These books are all set up to be taught twice weekly. They are creative with a reasonable amount of research and memory work required. We worked to keep them usable for classical families and still practical for busy families. One major goal was to keep it creation based and God-centered.

Why do you say that CKE Biology and CKE Earth & Space can be scaled down for younger users, but you don’t suggest that for CKE Chemistry or CKE Physics?

This is because of the subject matter. Biology can be simplified so that it can be understandable for younger students. Chemistry and Physics do not have this same kind of flexibility. It is difficult to simplify chemistry so that it can be accessible to early elementary students. We would suggest that you use Christian Kids Explore Biology and Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space with younger students, and saving Christian Kids Explore Chemistry and Christian Kids Explore Physics for upper elementary and middle school students when they will be able to understand it more fully.

Can CKE Chemistry or Physics work as high school curriculum?

If a high school student is struggling with chemistry or physics, it is possible that this could be modified to work by adding several supplemental readings and projects, but this was not designed to fulfill the high school science requirement. Many of our users have told us that the terminology and lessons learned were exactly the same as their high curriculum, without the math.

Is there a good resource list?

There is an incredible resource list in the back of each book. It is already organized according to the units of the book (not by age). The ISBNs are even listed to make ordering a breeze. We did the best we could to weed through all the books out there, but of course in science, many of the books are secular in nature and refer to evolution. Each family will have to decide for themselves how to deal with that issue. You will also find a cross in front of the books that are specifically Christian in nature.

Can I use the material inside one of the volumes out of order?

Yes! Sometimes later units build upon earlier units, but with a little reading, you can rearrange to make it work. It would make more sense to do mammals before humans, since humans are mammals, but it would not be essential.

What is the Student Activity Book?

The Student Activity Book is a download for CKE Biology or CKE Earth & Space, whichever you choose, that contains all of the worksheets, quizzes, and other reproducibles so that you can print them out when you want them rather than requiring you to make copies.

What’s new about the 2nd Edition of CKE Chemistry and CKE Physics?

Apart from a few typo fixes and revisions, the only major difference is the bonus CD. If you want to be caught up, just buy a copy of the Resource CD.

How does the co-op license work for these books?

You pay 2.5x the price of the book for the license and we will send you the book and the Student Activity Book or Reproducibles CD, whichever goes with the book. This allows you to make copies of anything in the book for up to 25 students. Call our office if you would like more details!

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