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Welcome in! If we could offer a chair and pour you a warm cup of tea, we would. We hope you’ll enjoy your visit here—linger, explore, learn along with us. Whether you are a homeschool family, classroom teacher, school administrator, or a trusted distributor, we’re here to help.


We promise to publish Christian-oriented curriculum that engages children of different ages and learning styles while inspiring and supporting teachers. Explore our popular series’ of world and US history, geography, humanities, and science. Together, we can cultivate lifestyles of curiosity and lifelong learning.



For nearly 30 years, we’ve used our own curriculum to teach in our homes, our support groups and co-ops, or simply in small gatherings of friends. Start from the world’s beginning with The Mystery of History. Organize a teen game night with Civitas. Spark a love for science, literature, or the arts! Whatever the size or subject of your group, we’re here to support you!


We are blessed to work with an extraordinary community of distributors worldwide! Indeed, our distributors are so exceptional, we passed the baton of retail sales to our retail partners early in 2020. As a result, we can focus on what we do best—creating curriculum. If you are a part of our distributor community, thank you! If you are new, welcome! Our distributor portal (coming soon) houses a library of assets to offer and support our products. Thank you for trusting us with your community of customers!

The Bright Ideas Press Difference

Parent-Friendly Curriculum

Parents, our hats are off to you. You are and always have been your kids’ most important instructor. So we’ve tried to make our programs as easy as possible for you to use. We design each resource with appeal to different ages, interests, and learning styles. And of course, we always make time for fun. As Maggie always says, “What we perform, we remember. And if it’s fun, we’re motivated to do it again.”

Big-Picture Awareness

Because we don’t learn about anything in a vacuum (unless we’re talking about physics or astronomy), we make an effort to teach the big picture. This makes our lessons come alive, helping students to make connections between subjects that inspire investigation and putting your students on track to becoming lifelong learners. So, whether you’re studying literature or classical composers with us, expect to find maps, timelines, and other tools that help put each lesson in context.

Faith-Based Learning

We’re Christians. The Bible informs and illuminates every subject we study. It should be no surprise that our curriculum is steeped in biblical truth. Unlike many publishers, we weave biblical, secular, and church history together—they’re all a part of the same story, after all! And we find no contradiction between science and Scripture. While we don’t write from a particular denominational standpoint (we leave that for you parents to do!), you can expect sound, scriptural thinking in all our resources. Instead of fighting with your textbook, let our curriculum work for you as you disciple your children and instill your faith and values into the next generation.

Global Engagement

We are humbled and delighted that what began as a labor 
of love in one mom’s living room now reaches children and 
families around the world. Our team is blessed with resellers, 
co-ops, and homeschool families (including many military and 
missionary families) in the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, 
Canada, and the Middle East, to name a handful. If you are a 
homeschool family, teacher, or reseller in another country, 
reach out to us! Our desire is to remove any barriers and
serve students worldwide. 

A Letter from the President

As a homeschool graduate and now a homeschool father, I’ve carefully watched the movement over the years. Since the time my parents started homeschooling me, the laws have changed, the curriculum options have grown tremendously, and popular speakers have come and gone. But what has stayed consistent, and what really gives homeschooling its strength, is the love of parents for their children—their commitment to raise and educate them to the best of their ability.
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You, as a mom, dad, or grand parent are the lifeblood of the whole homeschooling movement. You’re dedicated to your child’s well-being, success, joy, calling, and knowledge of the Truth. You are giving your child a  priceless gift.We know you have an overwhelming number of options when it comes to curriculum, so let me say thank you for letting us be a part of your homeschool.When my parents launched Bright Ideas Press over 25 years ago, they were a mom-and-pop shop trying to fill a void and equip parents to do what they knew they were called to do.And even though the Hogan family has grown and our books are being used worldwide, that mission has stayed consistent. We’re here to cheer you onto make your job easier, and to celebrate with you when your kids embark on their journey of adulthood. You got this.

What's New?

Tyler and our product development team have a full pipeline of exciting new products and series with multiple new releases scheduled each year into the horizon! We just launched The Mystery of Science for grades 4-8! Tyler and our author, Karri Iverson, took a moment to share some Q&A about Biology as it ships to our distributors!

Reading Nook

From new products to family reading. We hope you’ll visit often.

Does Science Matter in Middle School?

Does Science Matter in Middle School?

Have you ever wondered, does science matter in middle school?  In the middle of an already busy week, it’s an easy subject to skip, with the intention of returning to it later.  You have equations and parts of speech to teach.  You can hit it hard in high school…what’s the point of it anyway?

As it turns out, there are so many reasons science matters!  Here are just a couple to encourage you to keep at it, even in small increments.  The study and love of science will lay a foundation to draw upon in high school and beyond, paying off in dividends.

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Family Fiction: Mono and Duo Get a Scam Call

Family Fiction: Mono and Duo Get a Scam Call

Mono and Duo were two little fuzzy creatures that stood a little shorter than a Smurf but taller than a Pikachu on all fours. Mono had brown fur with black spots all over his back, and Duo had black fur with brown spots all over her front. They lived in a house exactly like yours, and only Calvin the 6-year-old boy and Quinn the 7-year-old girl could see them.

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