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North Star Geography
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North Star Geography Product Reviews by Homeschool Moms

North Star Geography

Cathy Duffy at Cathy Duffy Reviews
The unusual course design coupled with the variety of activities and the use of “investigative learning” make this course a great option for learning geography.  See more…
Susan Williams at The Curriculum Choice
 I have been very pleased with the balance, curriculum author Tyler Hogan, has successfully achieved with this material.  The text included for each topic is clear and thorough but not overwhelming. 
We have always included hands-on learning activities in our homeschool lessons.  We were THRILLED to find a strong emphasis on hands-on learning with North Star Geography!  Each lesson includes 3 activity options and you can complete as many as you choose.   See more…
Carlie Kercheval at Managing Your Blessings
 As an Active Duty Army family, we travel often and have lived all over the world. Geography is an exciting part of our military lifestyle and a large part of our homeschool. This year as we enter into the first year of homeschool high school, my biggest goal is to make geography fun for our oldest, as some material is just not suitable for our gifted high school student.
 North Star Geography has given our young gifted student an excitement about geography that I haven’t seen her have since she was first formally introduced to the subject several years ago. See more…
Tina Robertson at Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus
And of course I am loving the fact that North Star Geography gives me the chance to be hands-off as the educator by providing simple ideas that my boys can do on their own.  Do we really need one more curriculum that requires intensive teacher prep? See more…
Alicia Hutchinson at Investing Love
When choosing the curriculum you’re going to use for your kids, it’s not just important that it’s easy to use for your kids, but you have to be able to use it easily too.  Being able to grab the book and figure out how this new curriculum is going to fit into your school schedule is a huge deal to me.  I need easy in my life.  North Star Geography is just that: easy-to-use and I love that!  See more…
Angela Hoffman at Homeschool Innovation
After reading through and planning out our year with North Star Geography I realized I do, in fact, enjoy geography. As a homeschooling parent you look back at your own school experiences and my experience learning geography left a dry, apathetic taste in my mouth.
Now, I am motivated to have fun bringing geography alive for my kids! Only one lesson in and they have already realized how easily geography crosses into other subject areas; and they enjoy the atlas building exercises too!
North Star Geography is a win for us and for our high school goals! See more…
Cindy Downes at How to Homeschool Today
My favorite part of the curriculum is that everything you need has already been prepared for you. There’s a student reader, planning schedule, hands-on activities, note-taking pages, quizzes and much more! Everything you need to get started, teach the course, and evaluate your child’s learning.
The author also provides a note-taking page which reminds me of college courses that I took. This forces the student to read the material, pick out the most important information, and write it down, making it easier to learn the material.
To encourage critical thinking, the author includes research questions for each area of the world.This is a very comprehensive geography course that is not only thorough, but it is also fun! This is my kind of teaching resource.  See more…
Michelle Morrow at Homeschooling Down Under
The North Star Geography book fits the Charlotte Mason idea of panoramic geography. It includes a good narrative reader with diagrams and coloured pictures. There are a few sidebars, but these don’t detract from the text. Notebooking and chapter narrations would be easy to do as the chapters are broken down into sections. See more…
Louise Urick
We completed the North Star Geography program this week with our mini MOH co-op.  I’ve been homeschooling for 14 years and have used two other world geography programs.  This is by far the best, easiest, and most well laid out program I have ever used!  Great job, Tyler!

North Star Geography Online Course

Stacey Lane at Layered Soul
Stacey answers the question, “What exactly am I getting when I buy this package and how does that compare to buying those components separately?”  See more…

North Star Geography Audio Book

Shawna Wingert at Not the Former Things
My son is thrilled that he can follow along in the textbook on his own now, without having his mom sit next to him and read everything. He has said on several occasions that he looks like he is in college now. And the truth is, his learning independently means a much needed break for me.  See more…