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A Little Backstory

A peek into the BIP vault and how our journey began.

In 1991, Bob and Maggie Hogan stepped outside the box and began homeschooling their two young sons, JB and Tyler. The first years were exciting and challenging—they watched their boys grow in every possible way. But with precious few resources available for homeschoolers, they had to work hard to find or develop their own curriculum.

As they created resources that worked well for their own family— and then friends—Maggie began speaking at homeschool conferences around the country, encouraging others in the journey. Moms swamped her with requests to use what she used. Her handouts grew longer and longer until Bright Ideas Press was born. You might know some of Bright Ideas Press’ popular products, like The Mystery of History series, Hands-On Geography, Illuminations, WonderMaps, and North Star Geography.

Homeschooling Moms are busy!  Bright Ideas gets that. And that’s why they promise to publish Christian-oriented curriculum that will fit into your hectic lives, curriculum that is both affordable and easy-to-use with children of different ages at the same time. Curriculum that busy Moms love! The team at Bright Ideas Press prays that their products and resources will not only simplify lives but also inspire, encourage, and enable parents to effectively educate their children.