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US History

Explore our vibrant history,
one story at a time with
All American History
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The stories of our people are the story of our nation. America’s history is the story of Captain John Smith, Harriet Tubman, Dwight Eisenhower, and Sally Ride. Our All American History series unfolds America’s story. Designed to be engaging and written in a comfortable style, All American History reads like a good book—bringing America’s story to life, piece by piece.

Containing hundreds of photos, dozens of maps, and key points to remember each week, All American History Volumes I and II offer a complete two-year U.S. his-tory curriculum for students in grades 5 to high school. (Adaptable for younger students.)
Like all good stories, each volume’s 32 weekly lessons set the scene and the historical atmosphere of the events at hand, unfold the events in vivid narrative style, and then explore the impact each event had on the nation’s future. 
The Companion Guide (PDF) Includes:
  • Note-taking pages, lesson reviews, tests, unit wrap-ups, and answer keys
  • For Further Study questions and answers
  • Games, hands-on activities, timeline and mapping exercises
  • Reading lists and project ideas
Whether at home or in a classroom setting, teachers will appreciate the wide variety of hands-on activities and further research ideas offered in the Teacher’s Guide, along with helpful teaching tips, answer keys, timeline information and pictures, and a great book list!Explore America’s vibrant history, one story at a time.
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US History

My belief is that history comes alive for students when they learn how people in past periods of history lived—what kind of clothes they wore, the houses they lived in, the foods they ate, the games they played, the schools they attended…

Celeste Rakes, Author

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