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Christian Kids Explore Science
Product Reviews

Christian Kids Explore science series by Bright Ideas Press: Product Reviews by Homeschool Moms

CKE Biology

The Happy Homeschool Mom
 Christian Kids Explore Biology makes learning biology fun and interesting for the students, and easy for the teacher!  Everything the teacher needs is included in the textbook! See more…
Sam Kelley at Sam’s Noggin
There are tons of extras, while keeping the lessons short enough to be very Charlotte Mason friendly. See more…

CKE Earth & Space

Katie Hornor at Paradise Praises
I found the Bright Ideas Press teacher’s guide very easy to use with multiple ages, and appreciated that the vocabulary definitions were included. But my absolute favorite thing about Bright Ideas Press’ CKE Earth and Space Science curriculum is that it awakened a love for science within my kids, and within myself, that I was afraid we might not ever have.
See more, including a VIDEO
Susan Evans at
“Besides all the wonderful hands-on activities in the Earth and Space book, the text was fun and conversational and included plenty of rich vocabulary for each topic. The printable diagrams were great, and all the printables were on a computer disc that came with the book.” See more…
Through the Calm & Through the Storm
The Christian Kids Explore Science materials are perhaps the favorite science curriculum that I’ve used with my children. There’s not too much reading for our busy days and not too much tinkering involved with the hands-on activities. See more…

CKE Chemistry

The Fruit of Her Hands
By the end of the first unit my reluctant 12 year old son told me he likes this.  High praise from him indeed! See more…
Amy Blevins at Bow of Bronze
My Bottom Line:  We are finishing this book and I am definitely planning to purchase others in the series from Bright Ideas Press. I am very, very happy with this curriculum and give it my highest recommendation.  That is pretty rare. See more…

CKE Physics

We Love to Homeschool
Upon first glance, I liked the set up.  And several weeks into it, I still like the layout and flow of it. See more…
Blessed Beyond a Doubt
Suitable for teaching a single child, multiple aged children, or in a coop setting makes this curriculum very universal.  I think is best suited for children ages 9-12, but can easily be beefed up by requiring the student additional study outside the curriculum.  See more…
Leah Courtney at As We Walk Along the Road
I wanted a curriculum that came from a distinctively Christian worldview. I wanted a curriculum that wasn’t heavy on reading but was still “meaty”. I wanted a curriculum that included hands-on activities. And I wanted something that would be minimal prep and involvement from me because I now had kids splitting off in various directions. See more…




We love Bright Ideas Press and use their Christian Kids Explore series for almost all of our Young Scientist classes. The content is perfect for this age group, and the activities are a fun reinforcement of what is learned. Each section includes new material, review, quizzes, experiments, coloring and more! These books make science fun while providing foundational skills students will use in higher level science courses.

– Karri Iverson
Director of Faculty and Family
Landry Academy

I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE Christian Kids Explore Biology!! Need I say more?! I browsed through the whole book and WOW I think with some creativity and outside resources I will easily get 2 years out of this one book. I am so excited! Like a kid in a candy shop!

– Inga


My daughter (5th grade) absolutely loves this CKE science program and I wish we had the time to do it every day as well. Between MOH and CKEB, I have never seen her so “in” to any particular academic subject.  These were the best decisions I think I have ever made in regards to curriculum choices.

– Robin


Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space can be challenging enough for your 6th grader. My sons have done Apologia General Science in 7th and the CKE books prepared them well.

– Peggy


I used CKEB this school year for my 6 and 10 year olds. They loved it! It is very adaptable to both these ages. You have the opportunity to touch on subjects a little and then dig deeper into them as the interest is there. My girls did the ABC Mammal notebook this year and loved trying to outdo each other coming up with different animals for each letter. I highly recommend it.

– Pam


My daughter and I wrapped up our year with CKEB yesterday with the release of our Painted Lady butterflies. We had such a blast with this curriculum and we both learned a LOT!! I can’t tell you the number of times I’d be reading aloud to her and stop to say “Hmmm, I never knew that!”  It is just the right mix of reading and hands-on for us.

– Terry


We are on week 3 of CKEB and we are LOVING it!  It’s a deceptively easy curriculum. I mean that my daughter is having so much fun with it that she doesn’t realize that she’s learning science!  I love it!

– Terrie


My kids are loving CKE and MOH. This is the way homeschooling was meant to be!

– Kathy