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The Mystery of History Product Reviews by Homeschool Moms

If you are a family that is interested in studying history in an in-depth, Bible-centered, chronological fashion, let me recommend to you The Mystery of History, published by Bright Ideas Press. See more…

The Mystery of History, Volume II Dawn King

This time, Linda Hobar and Bright Ideas Press had twins! The Mystery of History Volume II is twice the size of the first volume, but every bit as wonderful. In fact, it is even better. See more…

The Mystery of History, Volume III  Kate Kessler

What the publishers and the author have done is offer a seven course feast for the taking to homeschooling families. Our family is only too glad to partake. See more…

The Mystery of History, Volume IV Brandy Ferrell

But The Mystery of History provided us with deeper Biblical connections that I had failed to notice as I continue to overcome my segmented and compartmentalized understanding of history.
Simply put, The Mystery of History tends to fill a gap that exists in our homeschool due to my own lack of knowledge and understanding. Now that the final volume of The Mystery of History is published, I’m elated that we have another option to consider for a complete, chronological, and classical history study — one that presents history from a Biblical worldview.  See more…
Cathy Duffy
I think this combination of self-contained history and multi-sensory activities should really appeal to many homeschooling families. See more…
Trivium Pursuit
Our family has been involved in homeschooling for over thirty years. I have seen lots of curriculum come and go, but it seems like the very best is produced by homeschooling families themselves. They see a need and proceed to fill it. Linda Hobar has done this with her creation of The Mystery of History. See more…
Living Sola Gratia
I had heard many great things about The Mystery of History but thought it was just another, say it with me, stuffy old textbook.  Once we received Mystery of History and dug in I realized how wrong I was. See more…
Homeschooling Unscripted
The great thing about the textbook is that you really can personalize it to fit your family and your goals. See more…
Joy and Contentment
Here’s my run-down of negatives thus far…*crickets chirping*… Nope, can’t come up with any yet. See more…
Morning Glory
Overall, the Mystery of History program is thorough, well-written, and appeals to a wide range of ages and learning styles. See more…


I think when mom/dad is excited about learning it rubs off. I truly have NEVER learned geography so well as I have during the course of  The Mystery of History ! And not mundane pointless geography, but PEOPLE/EVENT related geography. When we’ve been away from home and wanted to refer to a country off the Mediterranean, I literally can hold up the back of my hand (Which represents the Mediterranean Sea) and we can all locate the countries surrounding it. To me, that is astounding!

– Jennifer


I use MOH with my 12 and 13 year olds and it is perfect for that age. Love the tests and all that keeps them involved and learning. They love that I do the “work” of reading. The sewing board idea was great last year, they enjoyed making their own figures for it.

– Ruth


My kids are 1st and 2nd grade, and I think MOH is perfect. This is the only curriculum that I have found (and trust me, I have purchased many) that teaches history chronologically that is easy-to-use and doesn’t go right over my kids’ heads. I want to teach my kids with a classical approach, but nothing else out there was cutting it.

– Heather


We are doing The Mystery of History II for middle school. My children LOVE doing quizzes “jeopardy style” and look forward to each project. Even the quarterly review is fun! It clarified the first and second Jewish Revolt for me. The short, concise, clear reasons for the Fall of Rome are memorable!

– Cathy


We’ve now  completed MOH1 and 2. I have tried a number of other history/soc. studies curricula/approaches. This has been completely mom and kid-friendly, and very adaptable to what I have felt fit us in a given season.

– Sara


I chose this series because of the strong Biblical worldview. Linda Hobar weaves Biblical history so beautifully into secular world history that for the first time “I” understood them as one story—not two.

– Barbara-Sue


The Mystery of History definitely covers History and Geography better than anything I’ve ever seen! I’ve looked at a lot of material and this is the best for us that I have found.

– Tammie


You can use certainly use The Mystery of History  for a high school credit. Use the book list to require extra reading at high school level as well as for reports, essays, and compare/contrast papers.

– Cathy