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My Favorite Homeschool Memories

Homeschooling should be, if not fun, at least memorable. Fortunately it can be both. I totally believe that hands-on learning is the best thing since Socrates came up with his method. When you connect your bookwork to your hands, ears, mouth, nose, and eyes you build... read more


So, apparently babies are time consuming.  At least that’s what my wife tells me 🙂 I felt bad for her. Helen really likes keeping the house clean. Her grandmother is a German, Martha Stewart type whose house is always spotless and who always has freshly baked... read more

Kaylee is walking :)

… or trying to at least.  It’s now her favorite game to run around holding our hands. She loves being lifted into the air and tickled. She falls down but she get’s back up and keeps going.  (Thank God for carpeting!) read more

Playing Dress-Up

My in-laws came over recently. They only live about two hours away, so we get to see them pretty regularly. This time, they came loaded with gold in their trunk. And by gold I mean a huge chest full of dress-up-clothes for little girls. As Helen sat in the family room... read more